Faculty Members

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Adjunct Professor
Bachelor in Nursing (1980). Worked at the the IPO (Portuguese Oncology Institute) until 1984 having then become an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of…
Adjunct Professor
Nurse from the Imaculada Conceição School of Nursing (1989) and specialist in Paediatric and Child Health Nursing (1998), from the same institution, Master in…
Invited Lecturer
João Daniel Neves Amado holds a Master's degree in Nursing (specialized in Advanced Nursing), Nursing Specialist in Community Nursing and PhD in Nursing. He…
Invited Associate Professor with Agregation
Graduated in Medicine, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Community Health) from the University of Porto (Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas de Abel Salazar).
Invited Professor
Adjunct Professor
Bachelor in Nursing (1980) Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing (1989), Applied Pedagogy to Nursing Teaching (1995); Master in Nursing Sciences by the…
Assistant Professor
Bachelor in Nursing; Specialization in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, in 1998, by Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto; Master…
Associate Professor
Bachelor in Nursing (1980) specialized in Paediatric Nursing (1987), Master in Nursing Sciences (1994) and PhD in Contemporary Philosophy (2003) with a thesis…
Invited Lecturer
Head Nurse in the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos - Intensive Care Service; Post-graduation in Legal Medical Sciences and Health History;
Invited Lecturer
Responsible for the Catholic Nursing Center. Member of the Pedagogical Commission.